The STOP acronym is one of the most well-known and cherished brief mindfulness practices to use during the day. It's super simple: S – Stop T – Take a breath O – Observe what's going on P – Proceed This can be done any time during the day when you remember. You become aware of [...]
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An immersive experience, especially in silence, can reset your body and mind, while fortifying your commitment to regular meditation. Mindful retreats are popping up all over to help people unplug and reconnect with what really matters. Deepen your practice with these five meditations from the retreats we recommend in our [...]
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Wir sind umgeben von Werbung. Überall Bilder, Video's, plakative Texte, was wir alles kaufen und konsumieren sollen. Fernseher, Radio, Webseiten, Werbeplakate an U-Bahn-Stationen – nahezu überall ploppt die Botschaft auf… Weiterlesen [...]
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Singer and songwriter Jewel began a mindfulness practice when she was just a kid, long before she'd heard the word “mindful.” Self-taught meditations and visualizations, journaling, and the practice of observing her thoughts and choosing healthier ones, were survival tools she used to navigate a chaotic family life and then, [...]
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The Mind & Life Dialogue in Botswana proved to be the first of its kind in many ways, including the unfortunate absence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who was overcome by exhaustion just days prior to the start of the conference at Botho University in Gaborone, August 17–19. The Dalai [...]
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Click on the image above to read this special edition. The post The Future of Education: Mindful Classrooms appeared first on Mindful. [...]
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Vor 7 Jahren entdeckte ich Achtsamkeit und Meditation für mich. Vieles hat sich dadurch geändert und verändert. Da dies nicht alles in einen einzigen Text hineinpasst, heute Teil 2: Wirkliche… Weiterlesen [...]
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Es war vor fast genau 7 Jahren, als ich angefangen habe zu meditieren, anfangs an ZEN orientiert. Genau genommen, war es eher Zufall – was einem halt manchmal so zufällig… Weiterlesen [...]
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In der Praxis werden Handys für Schwerhörige und Handys für Senioren in einem Atemzug genannt. Dabei sind nicht alle Senioren schwerhörig und nicht alle Schwerhörigen im Seniorenalter. Es gibt auch… Weiterlesen [...]
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For the past two decades, a small but growing number of scientists, philosophers, and scholars of religion have been building a unique community at the crossroads of their disciplines — a place where they can push the boundaries of traditional research to shine new light on fundamental questions about the [...]
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Each year, the Mind & Life Institute hosts the Summer Research Institute to bring together scholars, researchers, professionals and practitioners from a variety of fields who share an interest in contemplative research. The purpose of this program is to bring students, recent graduates, junior faculty and postdocs into conversation with [...]
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Part 6 in a weeklong series of blog posts written by undergraduate students from the 2017 spring-semester class, “Mindfulness & Compassion: Living Fully Personally and Professionally” at the University of Virginia. Freshman year is a unique experience because everything about college and your life as a student is so new: new [...]
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