I heard a very helpful analogy recently when attending a meeting of civic leaders in Louisville, Kentucky, who are bringing mindfulness and compassion into their schools. Using the image of caring for trees, the speaker argued that the education field tends to focus too much on the tree's fruit (outcomes like [...]
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It was accident and curiosity that led Dr. James H. Austin to a moment of awakening one day in 1974, in the form of a red Japanese maple leaf. He was in Japan, meditating in a centuries-old Zen temple, when he entered into a not-quite-sleeping, not-quite-waking state. Jim was relatively new [...]
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Change comes whether we want it or not. If we can stay open and curious to an ever-new landscape of life's possibilities, change can actually be the key to resilience. By learning to explore what presents itself, we ride the waves of change rather than losing ourselves in the undertow. By [...]
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Wie das Leben so manchmal ist: Da beschäftigt mich beispielsweise – eigentlich – die #Konsumauszeit und prompt sind einige Dinge einfach kaputt. Ich greife mal das banalste Beispiel überhaupt heraus:… Weiterlesen [...]
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Every parent knows that having children is a field ripe with emotions. Frustration, anger, boredom, joy, love, or fear—name an emotion, and it's probably there on the wild ride of parenting. But this can also feel like the tipping point into insanity. When parenting becomes difficult, it is important to [...]
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It was a particularly difficult day. My then nine-month-old daughter had a terrible night and left my wife and I with only a handful hours' sleep. Needless to say, we were slow getting up and out the door that morning. Before we left, my wife and I “discussed” who [...]
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#Konsumauszeit ist nichts Neues für mich. Die gab es bei mir genau genommen immer schon. Allerdings meistens eher unfreiwillig. Zwei Beispiele: Vorweihnachtszeit: Ich finde es schon seit Jahrzehnten höchst unangenehm… Weiterlesen [...]
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Als ich las, dass Svenja und Marc (Twitter: @apfel_maedchen & @sadfsh) ihre jährliche #Konsumauszeit für November angekündigt haben, kam mir spontan der Gedanke: Das ist es. Eine prima Mitmach-Aktion. Meine… Weiterlesen [...]
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Ich wohne großzügig Minimalismus hin oder her – ich wohne sehr großzügig. Ich habe einen großen und einen kleinen Schreibtisch. Außerdem einen Esstisch, an dem bis zu acht Personen Platz… Weiterlesen [...]
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Historically, the Mind & Life community has been dominated by a select and largely racially and ethnically homogenous group of scientists, scholars, and practitioners from a handful of academic institutions. This homogeneity reinforces societal imbalances and biases, running counter to Mind & Life's mission to alleviate suffering and to promote [...]
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The Mind & Life Institute Dialogue in Gaborone, Botswana this August brought together African humanitarian and spiritual leaders, scholars and healers into conversation with international neuroscientists about the African worldview of Ubuntu/Botho. Peter Bonanno, writer and learning designer on topics of spirituality and science, attended the Dialogue and shares his [...]
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An Interview with Carol Worthman, Ph.D. Can you please give us a brief description of what you study? What I study with my lab is the interaction of culture and biology as they shape differential mental and physical health. Currently, we have a few studies around the world examining these interactions. For [...]
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