Our task as non-profit Associations for Mindfulness in Germany and Austria

News: We are very happy, that we have a new member of honorary: Tho Ha Vinh PhD, Program Director at Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan.

And we are excited that we could win Prof. Tania Singer and Dr. Britta Hölzel as guest speaker http://öbam.at/achtsamkeits-forum/

We consider the topic of mindfulness to be essential for the issues of our age, characterized by globalization, increasing complexity and speed, unknown possibilities in technology, information processing and networking, as well as unclear and complex economic, ecological and social challenges.

A large part of the people and organizations that currently deal with mindfulness are doing this within their orientation and tradition. This strikes us as good and natural. At the same time we want to support the contact, mutual awareness and understanding between the various protagonists.

In an exchange we want to research, promote and communicate the cross-traditional principles of mindfulness.